The Inspiration.Fit Story


We are not just a brand, we are a community.

We started out as just a small passion project, not exactly knowing what we were doing or where this journey would take us. We had ups and downs as any business would. We had major slumps and sleepless nights. We had moments where we thought about throwing in the towel-- but we never did. We had one more thing on our side that pushed us to where we are today. We had our community, our customers, that had become our family.

The family that has grown over the years has been our most valuable asset. We draw encouragement and motivation from our customers every day. This family is what keeps us going. We love seeing the shared stories of overcome fears, goals set and far surpassed, love being shared, and overall, a community being grown and nurtured. This has been in the back of our minds, as our driving force, every time we have faced a challenge. The family, each and every one of you, is what has given us success.

YOU have gotten us to where we are today.

With our community in mind, we set the expectation that we would create a space where both our customers and our team could thrive. At, we actively work on living positively, courageously, and fully. This means we take care of ourselves and others. It means we listen to our community and their stories, and share inspiration throughout our social media to give others encouragement. It means we encourage everyone around us to be their best selves. We value thoughtful listening, and love to hear what our community members have to say, what they’re inspired by, and what they’ve overcome. We know everyone has strength within them, and we want them to let it out!

We create our products with community in mind, too!

All of our items are designed, printed and packaged by us here in Orlando, Florida, and our team tests all of our products in house to ensure that we only send out products that you can trust. We strive to have designs available that are flattering to more than just the sample size, and welcome feedback from our community on how to make those products better. This hands-on approach helps us guarantee that everything that comes out of our humble little warehouse leaves with integrity. We trust the quality of our products, and you can too.


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