The Magic of CBD

We live in a world where the pressure of perfection is limitless. To be thin enough, to be happy enough, to get good grades, be the best mom or be able to run a marathon once a month. The expectations placed upon us, especially as women, have been appalling.

However, I’ve seen a shift in the paradigm in the last couple of years. An emphasis on health, wellbeing, and peace has emerged. Women who are standing up to stigmas, going against the grain, and taking a natural, holistic view of their lives are beginning to fill the media. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop beauty products, Alicia Keys’ no makeup pledge, and even Ashley Graham’s stand for body positivity in the modeling industry. It’s truly amazing to see these women of influence taking a stand for a more approachable mindset on what it means to be healthy, and more importantly, happy.

In my blog posts, I’ll be taking a look into some natural, or holistic approaches to health and wellness. To start off with, I thought it necessary to address probably the biggest, most talked about, holistic product on the market: CBD oil. What is it? Will it get me “high”? What is it made of? Can it really help me? I hope to answer all these pressing questions on your mind. Grab a cup of tea, and let’s dive in!

What *is* CBD?

CBD, with its fancy name “Cannabidiol,” is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp plants, with THC (tetracannabidiol) being its psychoactive counterpart (THC is the one that causes that “high” feeling). Scientists have found a way to extract JUST this CBD compound out of hemp plants (no THC!) and can process it into a tincture (oil), isolate (powder) or vaping liquid. It can even be made into candies, lotions, and beauty products! All of these products are fit for human consumption and/or use.

What does CBD do?

So, get this, our bodies have a special endocannabinoid system that processes these CBD molecules. It processes it differently than the THC molecules, hence, the difference in effects between the two! CBD can aid in calming a host of different issues, as the body has many different “pathways” in which CBD can be processed.

One of the most popular uses for CBD is to combat anxiety and depression. CBD targets similar Serotonin channels that a lot of SSRI’s (such as Zoloft or Prozac) do, working to elevate mood.

Studies regarding the use of CBD to help epilepsy are also widespread and available to look into! CBD has anticonvulsant properties that target different channels, playing a huge part in seizure control.

However, the benefit to CBD is that it is non-addictive, non-pharmaceutical, and all-natural. Some pharmaceuticals can also have the potential to exacerbate issues, making some patients feel worse than they did before starting medication. Obviously, the use of CBD over SSRI’s or anticonvulsants is on a case-by-case basis. A discussion with your primary physician is highly recommended before stopping any medications.

Beyond medical use at higher doses, CBD at lower doses can promote an overall sense of well-being, happiness, and peace! It can aid in digestion and lower inflammation within the body. It promotes sound sleep, and ease aches and pains in the body (it is especially good for joint pain!). It’s truly a well-rounded compound that can be used for many different things.

Can CBD help me?

I am of the opinion that CBD has something to offer everyone. For me, I take a lavender-CBD blend before bed to help with sleep, and an ashwagandha-CBD blend during the day to help improve my mood and provide a brighter outlook for my day. I have noticed a significant difference in my day-to-day life since embracing CBD.

CBD oil is not something to be afraid of. I know it’s easy to see hemp plants and get a little concerned, but CBD is a very safe, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive product. It is even safe for use with children and pets!

If you think CBD can help you, I highly recommend giving it a try! There are a few local brands out there that can answer any questions you have. They all have great ingredients, safe processing methods, and the goal to promote a healthier lifestyle to improve people’s lives.

*As with all supplements, if you have any medical concerns, it is best to consult with your doctor before adding to your daily regimen.*

- Alex D.

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