The 2/2/2 Rule for Relationships

When my husband and I first started dating, we were on two completely different schedules between school and work. We made it a point to get together for a date at least twice a month. Whether it be a movie, dinner or a trip to the farmers market, we were sure to meet up every other week. As the relationship progressed, we’d go away for the weekend whenever time allowed. We usually went to the coast. Then, we took a big week-long trip to Disneyland!

Without even knowing it, we were very loosely following our own version of the 2/2/2 rule.

It goes as follows: Every two weeks, we would go out for the evening. Every two months, we would go out for the weekend. Every two years we would go out for the week.
You never stop dating!
When I stumbled upon a post about this rule on Facebook, I was quick to show my now husband. I was so excited about this easy way to keep our relationship thriving! He agreed and said it was a great idea, and we’ve followed it to a tee since!

The great thing about this “rule” is that you can tweak it a little to fit the needs of your relationship. Feel free to make it a 1-1-1, or a 2-1-1, even a 2-1-2. Whatever works best for your relationship and the schedules of you and your partner.
We have been so excited about our dates since. We always have something to look forward to! Our next date night will be a Justin Timberlake concert in March. We’ve got a weekend beach trip planned for April, and a weekend trip to the lake planned for June. Our big week-long trip this time around will be to Oregon in September! We already know we want to do Disneyland again two years from now. There is something so beautiful and exciting about having plans to look forward to. The great thing about planning ahead is that you’ve got time to financially plan, too!

In the digital age we live in today it can be so easy to write off face-to-face time with the people who should matter most. So, I know I said this works for any type of relationship, and I truly believe it does! Say you want to use this for your relationship with your best friend, your siblings, your parents, or your family as a whole. Quality time goes a long way with anybody! With this, you can be sure to plan brunch with your girls, plan a vacation with your husband and kids, or plan a weekend getaway with your parents or siblings. It’s a great way to keep genuine communication and quality time a regular part of your life.
I hope you find this as helpful as I have, just remember to stick to your twos!

-Amanda May


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