Self-Efficacy Through Yoga

The demands of our fast-paced lives can create behavioral patterns that do not serve us overall. For many of us, a typical day consists of getting up, getting the kids to school, working, retrieving the kids, family time, homework, dinner, then bedtime to do it all again tomorrow. There’s never enough time or energy.

It is easy to fall into patterns that are detrimental to our overall health and neglect our physical preservation. Jared Mollenkopf was your typical American family guy and businessman. For most of his life, he’d accepted his large stature believing that he could not achieve something different.

Things changed after Jared turned 40 and a trip to the doctor warned that his habits would cost him his life. He was over 500 lbs., he was getting tired sitting at his desk job, and was admittedly obsessed with food. At his lowest point, Jared would drink maple syrup from the glass.

Jared reports that he has been overweight his entire life. Although he was aware that each cupcake only dug him deeper into the weight hole, all he cared about was getting his sugar fix. Then, like many of us, he felt helpless to do something different.

What sets Jared apart from the infinite weight loss program testimonials that circulate is his willingness to share his experience throughout the journey paired with the fantastic outlook he used to keep going. A mindful Jared kept a video journal of his weight loss experience with DDP Yoga.

Typical weight loss testimonials give you a before and after picture. Where the results are not merely a trick of the lens, we consumers are left feeling as though idealized results are unattainable.

His journey begins with a fresh-start nutrition revamp that focused on breaking his sugar addiction through complete sugar elimination and portion control. You, however, can still attain favorable results if you leave moderate amounts of fruit and starch in your diet.

Photo and Video: Youtube

Jared’s becomes a story of perseverance and determination. In the beginning, Jared couldn’t touch his toes. The video classes he followed would do poses that he couldn’t; winded he’d need to take a break.

Instead of berating himself for not following along or keeping up, Jared showed himself compassion. By listening to his body, he only pushed as far as he felt was safe and took breaks when he needed it. He reflects that maintaining compassion for himself allowed him to see and acknowledge the progression of his accomplishment.

Instead of pausing a tape or trying to catch up, Jared fell back in-line with the class wherever they were when he was ready. As time progressed, he was completing more of the sessions .

Yoga is a low-impact exercise discipline that builds balance, breathing, muscle strength, flexibility, and can raise your heart rate. This dynamic fitness style is versatile in that you can do it alone or in groups, indoors or outside, room temperature or hot, and even guided through videos online.  

Jared lost 300 lbs. in 15 months! He now shares his story online and through public speaking opportunities with a simple message: Want it, believe it, keep trying.

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