Preparing for your New Baby

     So you’re pregnant (WOO!). You’re already getting excited. You can’t stop eyeing that adorable crib or that super hip bouncer. You see a million options for baby items in stores, online and even some featured in Instagram ads. Somehow they all know exactly what you’ve been thinking about. When you sign up for a registry, they make it pretty easy to make sure you don’t miss anything by using checklists and other organizational tools. There is also the “must haves of 2018” list, which is usually outrageously priced. But hey, if Jessica Alba used it, you probably need it too. Try to ignore all of the trends for a moment. What do you REALLY need for your newborn in order to make your life transition as seamless as possible?


    There are a few items you need no matter what. For one, you need a car seat before you're even able to leave the hospital. Then there are all of the items that make your life a million times easier. I think I say this more than anything though, that what is right for someone else may not be what is right for you. Keep that in mind when friends start suggesting what you need or don’t need. If your mom looks at your registry and tells you that you need to take off pacifiers because she didn’t use them, it's okay that you may roll your eyes. Just do what feels right for you!


For me, I think the first thing I really needed was the Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow. It really helped me during the first few days in the hospital. It was also very useful many weeks later while I was trying to get the hang of everything. It basically supports your baby in the perfect position for latching, leaving your hands free to help where they're needed. I got the waterproof cover for the pillow and a really cute case so I could wash it easily. This kept me from worrying about ruining the pillow. I’d say the next most important thing for me was a good burp rag. No, not a few cute pieces of fabric that don’t absorb anything. I went for the plain old, basic burp rags. She’s so silly with her burp rags. She loves them!

I can probably speak for half of the moms when I say that poopy diapers are nothing compared to spit up. Give me a loaded diaper any day over a milky mess. The smell is just awful to me and I need it to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Next is possibly our all-time favorite item:




This thing has been used every single day in our house. You do want to be careful with not though. Try not to use it too much in the beginning, to prevent any flat head possibility. It’s so nice to be able to lay them down for a second or let them nap on it next to you on the couch. I’d love to hold my baby every second of every day but if I did that, my arms may fall off! The last item that was an absolute must for getting us through those first few weeks, was a muslin swaddle blanket. Wow, those things are soft and easy to maneuver. Swaddling is an art form though. Practice and don’t freak out whenever that arm pops out of your perfect little burrito EVERY TIME.


Now I won’t knock any of the fun new and hip baby items out there, because I did use and enjoy several of them. I will say that most are not necessary for newborn care. If there is a cheaper option, it will likely work just as well. Do your research! If someone is adamant about something that really helped them, get some more information. Will you end up using everything you register for? No way. Will your baby hate you if you don’t buy them a Dock-a-Tot? NOPE! Try to enjoy the registry process and get excited about the random items you may receive. You never know what item could surprise you and become your favorite.


Links for my favorite items:

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- Keeley S.

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