Numbers: Why They Shouldn't Matter

Do you ever notice that our lives pretty much revolve around a series of numbers? Those numbers put us on a multitude of sliding scales.

Take these questions for example:
How tall are you?
How heavy are you?
What size do you wear?
How old are you?

The numbers that answer these questions, influence our subconscious on how we perceive our value in the world.
Someone who is shorter may feel less confident than someone 5 inches taller.
A person who is heavier may feel like a burden in a group of smaller individuals.
The sizing of our clothes can take a toll on how healthy and fit we may feel.
How old someone is can change how others view their importance or ability.

We give so much of our power and happiness away to something so binary. When in reality, even the binary numbers are subjective.

How much someone weighs shouldn’t matter on the grand scheme of things because weight depends on so many factors like gender, muscle composition, and lifestyle. More often the not thinness is equal to health when those two things couldn’t be more separate.

What size someone wears in a pair of pants has no direct correlation on health because sizing is so inconsistent between brands and location. A size 2 in one store could be a size 6 in another.

A person’s age does not hinder a person’s lifestyle choices. A 70-year-old woman could still outrun a 23-year-old in a foot race. Life is to be lived and measured by the individual.

Somewhere along the way, the ideals of beauty became more and more unattainable. The secret society that set these “standards” would rather us shrink ourselves down into something beautiful for other people than to consider us beautiful as we naturally are. As if we should wither away rather than find value in a softer body.
Society’s voice has told those on either side of the spectrum that they matter less, that they are not as worthy. We need to learn to quiet that voice because confidence, stamina, and resilience do not discriminate.

The only scale I want, is the one where someone asks me “On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you?”
“On a scale of 1-10 how loved are you?”
“On a scale of 1-10, how hard-working are you?”

These are the standards in which we should measure life because these are the aspects of life that make it worthwhile.
Could I be thinner? Absolutely. Would it make me happier? Probably not. Because numbers are not the end all be all. I’m sure even if I did get down to someone’s idea of a goal weight, someone’s idea of “fit”, another insecurity would pop up in its place. That’s just the nature of chasing an ever-evolving goal, every time you think you’re about to cross the finish line the line jumps a mile ahead of you.
It is still a process, to rewire my foundations of health and beauty but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I refuse to shrink myself down, I refuse to give up any of my power. Numbers will not determine what I am worth. You shouldn’t let them either.

Until next time readers…

-Bianca A.

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