Mom Life: Hair Edition

Every new mom can relate to this: not having time to do their hair! Or, more importantly, not feeling like they have time to do anything for themselves. Hair, makeup, even getting dressed gets put on the back burner. When becoming a mommy, it's nearly impossible to find "me" time. Besides taking care of our children, we are also multi-tasking with cleaning, laundry and just getting through the day. The first year of my son's life, I mostly had my hair in a bun daily. It was the easiest and neatest way to wear my hair if I didn't straighten or curl it. I wore my hair in a bun so much, when kids drew me at school in their pictures, I had a bun on the top of my head. I laughed of course, but part of me was disappointed because I no longer had the time, drive or energy to get up in the morning before school and do my hair. There were too many other important things to do... or so I thought. I couldn't imagine taking the time to do something for me when I knew there were other things more important to do around the house. I felt selfish doing something for me.

Fast forward to the past two months. As the new year came, I set some new "me" goals. One of the goals was for me to do my hair (straighten or curl) once a week. I knew this was a pretty attainable goal, seeing that there are 7 days in a week. What has happened since setting this goal has been somewhat life-changing for me as a person and a mom. Its an outcome I truly didn't expect. When I began the goal the first week in January, it was time to go back to school. I got everything ready the night before, so I would have time to do my hair the next morning, before having to leave for work. No excuses. I got up with my alarm, begrudgingly got dressed, and then began doing my hair. During the entire process, I thought about other things I could be doing. I thought I was selfish because I was taking time for me to do my hair. When I was done straightening my hair (took about 15 minutes), I looked in the mirror and immediately smiled, seeing how beautiful my hair looked. It put a spark in me to have a great day. It gave me confidence seeing my hair done and down, and knew my kids at school or teachers would probably notice and make positive comments about that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't do my hair so others would give me compliments, I did it for me. I did it, so I could begin feeling better about myself, and setting a goal that was quick, and had an outcome I could see immediately. I did it for me so that I could see that I was not ignoring my child while I did something for me. I did it for me so that I could see the house was still intact. I did it for me to see I could have me time that wasn't going to hurt my husband, child, or house.

At night, when watching TV and decompressing for the day, I now find myself watching hair tutorials on ways to curl or straighten hair quickly and efficiently. I learn about products that are best for my hair. Ironically, these videos I am watching are all made by moms who felt the same way I did and decided to take time some time for themselves. I want to leave this post with one thing though for all those moms out there...
Take time for yourself.
Taking time for yourself is tough. I struggle with it still daily. But taking even 10 minutes for yourself a day is a game changer. You need it. Your child needs it. Your spouse needs it. Your house needs it. Maybe it’s not doing your hair, maybe it's reading a book, or making your favorite food, or watching your favorite show kid-free, or sitting having a cup of coffee. Pick one thing and try it. I am so glad I did.

- Jenna H.


  • Jen Wolford

    I commend you Jenna!! I am lucky to know you as a colleague and a friend! I have seen a change in you since you have taken time for yourself! It is not easy to do, especially with your first! You are an amazing mom!

  • rosalind

    Luv this article !! I just began to do this my kids are grown and I still find it hard to do things just for me I work till 6 and I take care of my mom whose had number of strokes and my hubby who is in renal failure so thanks for this because it can happen to all of us with or without little ones

  • Amy Bestor

    Love this!! “Me” time is so important!

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