Managing Your Chronic Pain

A lot of people don’t realize that chronic pain is a full-time job. You can have good days or even good weeks, but you never really get the day off. It can feel almost impossible to live with when you’re suffering from something people can’t see, and let’s not get started about trying to convince your doctors!

Living with chronic pain will never be easy, but there are some ways to make it manageable:

Join a support group

Many people who live with chronic conditions understand that there is definitely power in a name. Having a diagnosis (even if there’s no cure) can be reassuring. Especially to those who were doubting their sanity after a while. And what makes your diagnosis so much more helpful is that it makes it easier to connect to others who have gone through the same thing. Personally, my favorite facebook page is It was here that I was able to find helpful tips and tricks from people who have been through it all.

Always be prepared

I recommend carrying an emergency flare up bag with you wherever you go, even if it’s just to get lunch with a friend. Personally, I have a CBD infused lotion and Biofreeze always waiting in my car for my back. I also have peppermint oil supplements and digestive enzymes for my stomach when it acts up. Not to mention, I always have my knee braces on hand just in case. Even when you’re having a good day, always prepare for the worst! You might look a little strange carrying a backpack/large bag everywhere, but it’s always worth it when you’re far from home and experiencing a bad flare up.

Each diagnosis is unique, and every story is different. Whether it’s back pain, IBS, fibromyalgia... It’s all the same in one way: it’s a constant battle that ultimately turns you into a warrior. Just know that you’re strong, and you can do this. But most importantly, you’re not alone.

- Sabreen Y.

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