Making Your Dreams a Reality

Take a moment and think to yourself: if you could do one thing in life, no limitations, no danger of failure, what would it be?

These dreams or visions are ideas, thoughts, images, hopes, and memories that bring you happiness or positivity. They can occur without a reason or explanation as to why it popped into your head, but when taking a moment for yourself to dig deeper, the true reason comes out. Dreaming in this way is a common human experience. We all have dreams of doing something, seeing something, living some other life than what we are doing currently. We all seek escape sometimes in indulging in these visions.

But wait - dogs dream too, right? In this case, when I say “dream, ” I'm not talking about the dreams we have at night. I mean hopes and wants for our future. Scenarios we want to see come to pass. In many ways, these dreams are just as important as the ones we have at night. In many ways, they’re a lot more meaningful in getting in touch with our innermost thoughts… yet we don’t analyze or record these thoughts nearly as much as we do our nighttime dreams. So how do we change that - and what can we learn?

Many people have found that dream books or visions boards help them keep track of these thoughts. Personally, I was never one to have a vision board. It was only recently that I began to write these visions down in a place I could come back to. As I have gotten older, my perspectives have changed multiple times. I realized a vision board might be an exciting way to explore and record all my goals and want-to-dos. As I did more research on vision boards, I found that the way other people were doing these boards were as different as the dreams themselves. I saw some that were centered around one dream or vision, and others that had a collage of all different visions on one board. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just how you want to create your board. This is your place.

I am beginning a new board this weekend. On it, I will have pictures of baking and bakeries, because it is my dream to someday open my own bakery. Places I want to visit, concerts I want to see, words that inspire me. Nothing is off limits. It’s the way I'm choosing to see my future self.

As I do my board, I challenge you to create your own vision dream board. You can make it in a notebook or on a cork/poster board. Any way is fine, just so long as you are comfortable, happy and able to express yourself. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever get to some of these things, start by doing this one positive action for yourself. You might be surprised how it makes you feel like any dream you have can be achieved. Well, you know what they say: “dream big...anything is possible.”

- Jenna H.

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