How I Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is a funny thing, it can hit you when you least expect it. I did not believe anxiety was a real thing, I thought people were just overdramatic. I now understand how wrong I was. As I started the first semester of my teaching program I started to notice a difference in myself. The smallest scratch on my new binder would send me into a total breakdown. I blamed it on stress. But as time went on, and I went through a breakup, I wasn’t sleeping, I was shaking, and having regular panic attacks. It became clear that anxiety is very real, and it can hit you like a semi-truck.

The first way I was told to deal with the anxiety was with meds, and it still seems to be the most reliable source of relief. However, I’ve found some other things that seem to help.

1. Find your music:

My go-to when I’m stressed is the Lumineers, they somehow calm me and ground me.

2. Find your people:

You are going to have people in your life that add to your anxiety, and people who make it melt away. Run to the people who make it melt away. Be honest with those people, and if they start to hurt you, don’t drop them before you have a conversation. Us over-thinkers can get overwhelmed and make rash choices. Don’t end a friendship over a moment.

3. Find your place:

Whether it is where you live, work or play, find where your heart is happy and run to it. I took a pay cut to accept the job I’m at, but it feels like home and the stress is a different kind of stress. If your place is a church on Sunday, make that your commitment. If your place is the gym, yoga studio, or reading a book in the park, make time for it.

4. Be productive, not busy:

I can spend hours in my classroom doing things that aren’t important. I will say, laminating and cutting things out can be very therapeutic though. But really, do what needs to be done, then move on. It will give you a sense of accomplishment.

5. Find a treat you love:

my new favorite way to de-stress is getting my nails done. It’s so satisfying to feel smooth nails, and it’s stopped me from biting them. I will now fixate on my next color choice instead of what my ex is doing. Or if the curling iron is on.

I also smother myself in peppermint oil.
I hope these tips help you!

-Emily M

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