For Pregnant Mamas: Treating Yourself Like the Goddess You Are


Pregnancy is a serious miracle by all accounts. Women take a tiny little seed and grow it into a living, breathing human— it’s incredible. Some people call it beautiful, some people call it uncomfortable (read: moms in the third trimester), but it’s undeniably a miracle to almost everyone. During these 40 weeks, our bodies go through some crazy physical changes that put tons of pressure and weird pains in places we could never imagine, but we carry on and often decide that once (or twice, or three times) is not enough because we are warrior goddesses and tough mamas. What better way to honor the goddess within us than with some simple ways to treat yo’self in each trimester?


1. The first trimester: Set yourself up for success! This is a great time to invest in things that will benefit you throughout your pregnancy— a supportive medical (or non-medical) team. Not all OBs are created equal, so interview until you find someone who meets your expectations. Give yourself the right to make a birth plan and you talk to providers about how willing they are to honor it. Sometimes, midwives are a more “natural” approach to birth, referring to themselves as “baby-catchers” rather than doctors. You can also hire a birth doula as non-medical support. Their role is to assist you and your significant other with natural pain management, advocating for yourself, and understanding your options. Some have specializations like lactation consulting, acupuncture, and hypnobirthing in addition to their birth support role. Doulas are not covered by insurance in most cases but charge by the number of births they’ve attended. Newer doulas may be free of charge in exchange for the learning opportunity, so look around and you’ll find the right fit for the right price.

2. The second trimester: This is usually known as the “honeymoon period” because most women have the least amount of symptoms— morning sickness has usually gone and you haven’t quite reached the “get this thing out of me” phase. A great way to take advantage is with an actual baby-moon. Splurge on a small vacation, invest in some maternity clothes that make you feel fabulous (there are free trading groups on social media and thrift options if you’re a budget-savvy mama, BONUS: buy maternity clothes that double as nursing tops for longer wear time!), and get your hair and nails done as often as you please. The end of the second trimester is a great time to get pictures taken before things really start to pop, and you deserve to feel like a Queen. Take these weeks to recognize how beautiful your changing form is!

3. The third trimester: the home stretch— and boy (or girl!), are things stretching. Pamper yourself with some TLC— Touch, Lounge, and Chiropractics! Prenatal massages are amazing during this trimester while your body is stretching to accommodate your growing baby. In most cases, this is totally safe and incredibly relaxing. When you’re able to, rest up as much as you can, allowing others to do the heavy lifting every now and again. A lot of women start feeling the exhaustion from the first trimester coming back around, so gift yourself the rest your body will need for delivery and recovery. Finally, consider working with a chiropractor for your spine and hips. Most insurances WILL cover a chiropractor, and those that are Webster certified work with pregnant women to help align your spine, hips, and pelvis to aid with positioning your baby for a smooth exit. This trimester is all about preparing for that delivery, whether you’re planning for a c-section or otherwise, so getting your body and mind to a relaxed and confident place are the most important things you can do for yourself. 



    Pregnancy is a time of change for you, your body, and your whole world, especially for a first-time mother. It’s so easy to get caught up in the aches, the body you had, and the life you’re leaving behind. Remember to surround yourself with resources, support, and reminders of your strengths each step of the way. Treat yourself like the Goddess you are, mama. You deserve it.



    - KC


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