Caffeine: Friend or Foe

I am a person that lacks an addictive personality, which includes the minor vices too like candy, sodas, and the almighty daily coffee. I know plenty of people that NEED to start their day with a cup of coffee or they just won’t be able to function. Sure, I like coffee, but I can certainly do without it. In fact, that is exactly what I’ve done for a few years now. I guess I just figured I didn’t need the extra sugar in the morning and if I did ever get a caffeine addiction I definitely didn’t want to deal with the withdrawals.

So, to satisfy my own curiosities I want to conduct my own little experiment. As a person who doesn’t drink coffee in the morning can I establish a caffeine dependency in one week’s time and then see what the withdrawals are like (if there are any.)

I know what I may experience varies from person to person, but I just have to know what all the fuss is about for myself. Who knows? I could be converted.

Day 1: Of to a good start. Carving out a time to actually drink the cup feels weird. Most definitely pleasant.

Day 2: I’ll be honest, I almost forgot to make coffee this morning, so I took it to go. I think because I was in a rush this morning made me not LOVE the ritual this morning. But I didn’t feel any different than I normally do as far as energy or willingness to get up and start my day, but alas it is only day two.

Day 3: I definitely had a harder time getting up this morning but that could be from plenty of other things because my sleep cycles aren’t all that consistent. However, Today’s cup of coffee tasted the best so far, despite making the same way…interesting.

Day 4: I had a pretty clear morning this morning and I found myself pushing through my morning routine significantly faster than I normally would on light days like today. Was I subconsciously looking forward to my morning caffeine today? Not sure. My energy levels are about the same, but the energy feels different if that makes sense.

Day 5: woke up with a migraine from the inner circle of hell. All I wanted to do was drink my coffee under my sheets and block out the morning. I didn’t end up feeling like myself all day.

Day 6: Every bone in my body does not want to drink today’s cup of coffee. I feel full while drinking it. Today I am questioning why I even grew to like the taste of French vanilla. Energy levels are not great.

Day 7: Second best cup of coffee this week. I feel pretty good today. It's like I’ve hit some sort of balance which only leaves me curious about how the next week will go.

Detox: Over the second week I woke up and didn’t have a cup of coffee which felt a little strange after incorporating it into my daily routine. I don’t think I was any more irritable than I usually am in the morning. I didn’t get any withdrawal headaches. I didn’t see any decline in my ability to focus. However, what I did find is that I severely missed the dedicated time. I missed the way in which something as insignificant as scrolling through Instagram while sipping on coffee became significant to my day. It was dedicated to “me” time. I found myself craving coffee despite my rather neutral take on it before the experiment started. Interestingly enough, I sought out other ways to placate an oral fixation that had developed as part of my morning routine. I became a big fan of bottled water and breakfast bars despite having skipped breakfast for the better part of a decade now.

All in all, I’d say that I didn’t develop a caffeine dependency, but I suspect I opened the door to one. Had I dragged this out to a longer timeframe, I am certain I would have experienced traditional habits forming as well as common withdrawal symptoms. I don’t think I am sold on the idea of coffee being integral to someone’s day just yet, but I do enjoy the “me” time that comes as a byproduct of such a ritual. I absolutely see myself incorporating that aspect into my life with something that isn’t as habit-forming and a bit healthier for you… say water.

It was fun while it lasted but I’ll leave the serious coffee drinking to those who need it. I think my ritualistic and organized nature overshadowed the physical toll the caffeine actually put on me as a person. So while I am sure this experiment wasn’t 100% sound, I did learn a lot about myself in the process and I appreciate it just the same. Are any of you, coffee addicts? What was your first cup like? Let me know.

Until next time readers…


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