Boosting Your Immune System

Springtime is officially on its way, which means flowers, partying on the beach, and finals. What people often forget, is that Spring also means ALLERGIES! Which might not seem so bad but for some, this means some serious sinus infections are on the horizon. Here are some ways to boost your immune system and avoid spending any time sick in bed.


It’s common knowledge at this point that when you’re feeling a cold coming on you should start supplementing with vitamin C. Personally, I prefer preventing a problem instead of treating it. Most of us aren’t getting enough micronutrients in our diets, such as essential vitamins and minerals. So if you know your diet is a little lackluster, consider supplementing with daily Vitamin B and Vitamin C! Probiotics are also proven to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.


It’s a little harder to catch some sun in the winter- which is one of the most common causes of Vitamin D deficiency. Low Vitamin D can lead to fatigue and depression, which will end up putting a huge strain on your immune system. If you can, try and get at least 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight every day. If that’s too hard, consider supplementing. I would recommend getting vitamin D3 combined with Vitamin K2 so that your body absorbs it more easily.


So maybe you’re eating well, taking your vitamins, and getting some sun, but you are still running on a few hours of sleep every night. You can take every precaution possible to avoid sickness, but if you’re not giving your body the proper rest it needs, your immune system won’t stand a chance! Your body simply won’t have the strength or resources to fight off an infection.

So for those fellow friends of mine who are dreading the spring- fear not! Follow these tips and you’ll give yourself a fighting chance to be able to stop and smell the roses.


- Sabreen Y.

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