A Legging for Every Occasion

A Legging for Every Occasion

I prescribe to the belief that leggings are the greatest and most versatile piece of clothing ever made. I know I'm not the only one with a hoard of leggings to their name, all of which have a designated drawer or space in the closet. You've got the champion, the true OG of stretch pants, your basic black pair (which you most likely own 15 identical pairs of) because they just fit well in all the right places. You've got the sport variety for the dedicated athlete. Those would be the pants with moisture-wicking fabrics or lined in fleece. Lastly, you've got the leggings that are more style than function, but you convince yourself that they're great because, dammit who doesn't love a mesh cut out?

*This is the part where I assume you all agree with me*

Is this obsession a little crazy? Yes. Is it necessary? Also, yes. I am convinced there is a legging for every occasion. They're the backbone to a good wardrobe. They're never the center of attention but always in the background in support. You have a date and need something easy to wear? Patent leather leggings. You need to wear pants to your lab on campus but don't want the full pants feeling? Leggings. You ever just need a lounging outfit to spend the day in? Yep, still leggings.

That may seem like a lot of pressure to put on some stretch cotton, but I just am a big fan. I mean, even here in California leggings and subsequent athletic gear can seem like some people's way of speaking in code. I looked in on a class once and the louder the attire, the bigger the personality. Everyone's vibe was very distinct, much like their wardrobe. The expert in the class looked as if she was sponsored by Nike. The girl in the matching legging, bra, and sweater combo, took plenty of shots for the ‘gram. The angel in the plain t-shirt and standard black legging looked as if she was only there because her best friend dragged her to the class.

When we buy a piece of clothing it's because we see a part of our personality relayed in the fabric. The silhouette, color, graphic, and fit all come together to resonate with us. We are saying "This is, me." There is an energy we place in our clothes that become a part of our subconscious dialogue. Even with something as simple as leggings, they can say and do a lot for a person. I find it fascinating that something like clothing can alter the way a person feels about themselves. It can change the way we carry ourselves in social settings. That's power.

I'm sure there is always going to be the girl with the cutest matching set on, or the girl in the two-piece with all of the strategically placed cutouts so you could admire her fit frame, or even the girl that looks like she bought out a Lululemon. What I'm saying is, find what works for you and your lifestyle. Just do whatever you can to feel great. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Until next time readers…
- Bianca A

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