10 Affirmations That Help Me Through Bad Days

What you say to yourself matters. It’s not always easy to be kind to ourselves, but using words of affirmation rather than judgment can be life-changing. If you’re like me (and spent most of your life using words of judgment and rejection towards yourself), shifting your mindset is going to take some practice. But with patience, practice, and persistence, it is SO possible.
It’s 2019. It’s about time we stop being so hard on ourselves. Instead, let’s try something new. Let’s believe in ourselves. It starts with affirmations!
These are my top ten favorite affirmations when I am feeling down on myself:

1. I am passionate and outrageously enthusiastic.
This one is my favorite for when I’m feeling down on my body image. What else do I offer to the world? What other characteristics, aside from physical, do I love about myself?

2. I am healthy and strong.
I have spent most of my life unhealthy. Overweight, underweight, constantly struggling with looking at food and exercise in a positive life. I love this little reminder – that although I may still struggle, I am SO much healthier and stronger from where I came from.

3. I am patient and trusting with my body.
It’s easy to look at our physical appearance or current situation and get frustrated. Why is this happening to me? Why am I so bloated today? WHY can’t my body just cooperate?! Trust the timing in your life and continue to listen to your body. This is only temporary.

4. I believe in myself and my capabilities.
This affirmation is a friendly reminder for me to look at how far I’ve come and how much I’ve triumphed. I’ve overcome so much, which makes me capable of so much more.

5. I am powerful and create the life I want (and deserve).
Everything you do today matters. Whether you’re working or resting, giving yourself the self-care you need or putting in the hours that you know you’re capable of helps you create the life you want. YOU are creating the life that you want. That may sound scary, but it’s also extremely empowering. You got this.

6. I am optimistic and believe things will always work out for the best.
I truly believe everything happens for a reason. So, when it feels like the world is crashing down around me, this is a gentle reminder to myself – there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a positive in the sea of negative. Although I can’t see it now, I know this is happening to me for a greater purpose.

7. I treat my body how I treat others - with kindness and respect.
On days where I’m feeling down on myself, it’s easy to resort back to old habits – disordered eating patterns, neglecting self-care, repeating harsh words to myself, etc. This affirmation is a huge reminder that I need to treat my body with love and respect. Abusing my body for years lead me down a dark path. I deserve to continue on the path of light and happiness.

8. I am focused and determined. I never give up.
Imagine a time in your life where you SO desperately wanted to give up but pushed through anyway. How did you feel afterward? What results came out of it?
Never, ever give up on yourself. You have too much to offer the world.

9. I am unique and love being myself.
We are all unique and have something different to offer. Being yourself is the best gift you can give to others. Recognize the characteristics that make you unique and allow yourself to thrive off them.

And I always will be.

- Rebecca M.

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