Let the Journey Begin!

Let's get something straight. I am not an athletic person. I haven’t been to the gym in over two years. Sometimes I get winded from walking up two flights of stairs. I buy yoga pants strictly to drink wine and watch Netflix in. And to my family's disbelief, I managed to get a D in gym my 8th grade year. Dance classes were something I participated in from ages 2-18, but I never really considered this a form of exercise- it was more of a hobby. In my twenties I dabbled in a variety of exercise classes, fitness DVDs, and different gym memberships. I would always lose motivation after a few days and go back to my normal habits, feeling defeated.

Pitch Perfect

Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect is my spirit animal.

I have always envied those who truly enjoy working out, but personally have never been able to find the inspiration to stick with it. I’m realizing how important it is to be healthy and I want to start feeling better both physically and mentally. This is why I have decided to go on a fitness journey and open myself up to as many different types of activities as possible (and I hope I will find one that I absolutely love).

I am a firm believer that anything can be more attainable with a positive attitude and good sense of humor. I rarely take myself seriously and I'm not expecting to become one of those people who claims, “Spin is Life”. I hope this journey does change me in some ways. Getting rid of my muffin top and underarm jiggle would be a huge plus. But, I promise you, I won’t become, or pretend to become, one of those workout snobs who only eat skinless chicken breasts, run 5ks every weekend and meditate every morning (I like to sleep in. Sleeping will always be my favorite past time).

This experience won't be easy, and I promise not to sugar coat anything. I will tell you everything from my own perspective- the good, the bad and the ugly (and let me tell you.. so far my yoga poses are just that).

Yoga Poses

I question myself in every pose.

I’m sure many of you are trying to find a  sense of motivation and dedication in yourselves, just like me. I hope you can relate to my posts and experiences and, if anything, my stories will add a smile or laugh to your day.

This blog isn’t just about me though. It’s a collaborative effort from everyone on our inspiration.fit team. On top of hearing my stories and rants, our blog will also feature guest posts from people who we find inspiring- both on a fitness and emotional level. Our team is made up of women and men of various ages and diverse backgrounds. I already know this sounds cliché, but we really find inspiration in each other. We believe inspiration is contagious (just like laughter) and we want our blog to be your one stop shop for relatable, and sometimes humorous, inspiration.

Each month we will feature a new activity or class. (Side note: I am hoping we will forget about crossfit. This is something I know I will be extra horrible at as my arms get tired just walking around the supermarket carrying two bottles of wine.) For our debut month we have decided to focus on.. You guessed it.. Yoga!

We're all really excited to introduce our yoga pants to actual exercise. 

Stay tuned for stories about my journey, interviews from industry professionals, inspiring videos, helpful and relatable tips and, if you're lucky, embarrassing photos of our team guinea pigging these new activities. We promise to keep you smiling and hope you will find our blog inspirational.

Let the journey begin! 

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